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Best Tricep Exercises

This article will list the best tricep exercises (properly triceps). Triceps are the muscles on the back of the upper arm. They are used to extend the elbow and are used in all pushing motions.

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Two types of tricep exercises

Triceps exercises can divided into two groups: Compound motions and isolated motions.

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Compound motions. These are exercises that use several muscles along with the triceps. Compound motions are mostly pressing motions. Examples are push ups, dips, overhead press, etc. In these exercises, the triceps shares the load with other muscles. One might think that these exercises are inferior tricep exercises, but they are not. They are still effective because the load on these exercises is greater and the triceps still gets a lot of stress.

lsolated exercises. These are exercises that isolate the tricep muscle during the motion of the exercise. Examples would be triceps push downs and the TRX triceps press. These exercises are best to get added stress on the triceps in order to grow the muscle.