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A List of options of activities for exercise

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Best Exercises for Sports

Here is a growing list of best exercises for a variety of sports. [wp_cpl_sc cat_id=5 list_num=500 css_theme=4 sticky_post=”79″ is_thumb=”true” read_more=”read more” show_comments=”false” show_date=”false” show_author=”false” sort_using=4]

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Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises, more accurately, cardiovascular exercises, are those that have the primary goal of exercising the heart and circulatory system. These types of exercises are often referred to as aerobics exercises. Although I choose to use this word, the error is that all exercises, even strength training, work the heart. So, there are no, non-cardio exercises. …

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Climbing the Stairs | Stair Climbing for Fitness and Weight Loss

It seems too simple, but climbing the stairs, or stair climbing is truly one of, if not the best, activity for exercise. Nothing is more beneficial than being weight-bearing and propelling your body up against gravity. This is exactly what stair climbing does. Benefits of Stair Climbing Because climbing stairs is weight bearing and against …

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