5 Best Exercises to Get in Shape

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The 5 best exercises to get in shape is tougher than it sounds to narrow down. Fitness encompasses so much area that it’s difficult to cover the bases. My thoughts for this list are that it needs to encompass all the facets of fitness: strength, power, aerobic conditioning, anaerobic conditioning, core strength, and flexibility. And, as is always the case with exercis


es, make sure they are part of a good exercise program. So, here are my justifications for these activities.

Continuous cardio (running, cycling, swimming, etc)

Everyone needs to have a good aerobic base when training or exercising. It helps burn fat and speed up recovery in all your activities. It doesn’t much matter which activity you choose, but you should be able to sustain it for at least 30 minutes continuously. Your intensity should be challenging yet still “comfortable”.

If you have access to a variety of activities or equipment, feel free to change it up each time or even rotate between different devices within one workout. Meaning, 10 mins of treadmill, 10 minutes of elliptical, and 10 minutes of rowing is just as good as 30 minutes of one. In fact, if fitness is the goal, it may be best to mix it up.


P90X is a hugely popular program. The developer of this program has done a very good job of packaging together all the necessary aspects of fitness into one program. Many of my athletes and friends use this program and love it. In fact, just the other day, I let one of my athletes lead the core section of our workout. She introduced us to a few of these and they kicked our butts, but we loved it.

TRX Program

I am a huge fan of the TRX system and think doing pushs on them is the overall best upper body exercise there is. As mentioned in 5 best exercises to lose weight, I think that suspension training is genius and I’m sorry I didn’t invent it first. It is the perfect solution to using gravity to decrease and increase resistance to your body while maintaining functional movements.

Circuit Training Programs 

This can be done at most local fitness centers, or at home with a variety of exercise programs. Sorry to be so vague here, but there are so many options that I don’t want to leave a good program out. There’s probably a better name for this genre, but I’m talking about programs that combine strength, cardio, power, core, etc. into a high energy session. These types of classes are awesome and will definitely get you in shape. If I had to only select one, I’d have to vote for this workout because it offers everything.

I’m sure that my list is highly debatable, so I welcome input from other fitness enthusiasts. Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of this article. I’ll update the list if I find some that are more deserving than the current list.

And, as I mention in all my articles, it’s important to have a good overall exercise program. You could either create your own. Here is a blog talking about starting an exercise routine. My selection of the best exercise programs are listed here. Don’t just focus on one or two exercises as a solution. All body parts and aspects of fitness should be accommodated.

As always, I welcome your feedback.