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Get Ripped Fast

get ripped fast featured imageSo, you want to get ripped fast, huh? This advice assumes that you’re already in shape. These suggestions might be too hard on someone who’s out of shape. If you’re not in shape, I recommend my article, Get In Shape Fast. Depending on your age, current fitness level and dedication, you can start noticing improvements within days and then get close to what you want in a few weeks.

Keep in mind, the only difference between being in good shape and being ripped is the amount of fat on your body. Most exercisers have the necessary muscles, it’s just that they have too much fat covering those muscles. So, most any bodybuilding or strength training workout program will do, it’s just that you need to supplement it with a proper diet and maybe some additional cardio exercising.

If you don’t want to have to think too much about this and simply want a packaged plan to do it all, I suggest P90X or Body for Life. Both are good, reputable programs.

If you’d rather be more cerebral to your approach, here’s some guidelines on how to get ripped fast:.

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  1. Train Every Day: This is a must. It keeps your metabolism high so you burn more fat. Actually, I’d take Sundays off. You need a day of rest to let your bodies recover.  See recover below.
  2. High intensity weight lifting. Do at least three sets with at least the last set to exhaustion. This promotes muscle building. This also elevates your metabolism so you can burn more fat. Also, larger muscles are easier to bulge through your skin than smaller ones.
  3. Water: In order to accomplish your goal, you’re going to need to make sure your cells have enough water to pull this off. I’d suggest a half ounce of water per pound of muscle every day.
  4. Protein: Because you’re going to be working your muscles very hard, you need to give them the nutrients they need to rebuild: Protein. I’d suggest buying a big bag of whey protein powder from Costco or Sams and learn to make a fruit protein smoothie at least once per day.
  5. Clean Diet: Get off any junk food now! Avoid sugar at all costs. Eat a lot of chicken, rice, potatoes, vegetables and fruits.
  6. Recover: Most people don’t consider this, but your body is actually improving while you are recovering from training, not during the training. With that in mind, make sure you get plenty of rest and good long sleep at night.

This is the way that bodybuilders do it. It works for them and it’ll work for you!

Mike Caton