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List of Exercises by Body Part

Here is a List of Exercises sorted by body part. For each exercise, I give you some valuable information, description and image of how to properly perform the exercise and the best video I can find to demonstrate it. I add to the list everyday, so come back often to see more. If you’re not even sure what types of exercises are available, I have a list of activities for exercise. See below for the reasons for these exercise selections.

Abdominal Exercises

Leg Exercises

Back Exercises

Chest Exercises

Shoulder Exercises

Biceps Exercises

Triceps Exercises

You may notice that my list of exercises is overwhelmingly full-body, functional exercises and very few exercises using machines. That’s not by mistake. Not all exercises are equal. Some have more benefit than others. Here is a ranking from best to worst:

  1. Exercises where your body moves instead of a weight or machine. Ex. Push Ups, chin ups, all TRX exercises. When your body is moving, it requires the greatest amount of balance and control. This means that more muscle is being used and therefore more strength, calories, fat burning, etc.
  2. Standing exercises. Ex. Standing cable row or standing cable chest press. When you’re standing, your legs and core are supporting your body instead of a bench or machine. This means more muscles used and all the associated benefits of that.
  3. Exercises using dumbbells while your body is supported. Because your body is supported, you won’t be using as much muscle as the above, the instability of the dumbbells uses more muscle than the below.
  4. Exercises using barbells while your body is supported. Similar to above, but not as much instability as dumbbells, so not as much muscle is used.
  5. Exercises using machines:while your body is supported. Worst of everything. Sorry.

If you have some to add, please let me know and I’ll consider them for this growing list of exercises.

Remember, no exercise alone is sufficient to accomplish any goal. All exercises need to be part of an exercise program. Click here to see the Best Exercise Programs.