5 Best Exercises for Women

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Narrowing down to 5 exercises is always tough. In the case of 5 Best Exercises for Women, it’s especially hard because there are so many other exercises I’d like to recommend. And, more important than the actual exercises is being part of an exercise program. I also have sample exercise routines for women and a list of packaged exercise programs that are very good.

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This list of 5 best exercises for women might seem disingenuous if you have read my article, Exercise for Women: What’s the Bottom Line. It very well may be, because if you’ve read it, you’d see that I don’t believe there needs to be separate exercises especially for women. But, I know that this is a hot topic, so I wanted to have something. My justification is to select 5 exercises that would accomplish what most women would want if they searched this topic:

  • Weight Loss
  • Fat loss
  • Toned, but not large muscles
  • Fit, but not masculine physique

These are great exercises, but for your goals I strongly recommend sticking with resistance where you can perform at least 20 repetitions. This minimizes the risk of muscle growth while still stimulates the muscles to enhance metabolism.

Also, as these are all strength training exercises, I recommend grouping them into a circuit.

Mike Caton