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Best Butt Exercises

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As a trainer, I have been asked many times for the best butt exercises (well, sometimes they use a different word). The images above show some very good exercises for targeting the butt muscles. But, I need to add: If what you’re looking for is a smaller, tighter butt, doing exercises specifically for that area might not give you the results you want.

Butt exercises won’t give me a smaller, tighter butt?

By targeting any one area, you might actually hypertrophy those muscles (make them larger) and end up with the opposite results from what you wanted. And, even though it’s common knowledge that a person cannot target a specific muscle group with exercises to make it smaller (spot reduction- it doesn’t work), there’s still a hope that it can.

So, how do I make my butt tighter?

In order to make any part of your body smaller and tighter, you need a good nutrition plan and exercise program.  It’ll make everything tighter, including your butt. You should also read Exercise to Lose Weight.

Good news about your lower body!

Because the butt muscles are attached the legs, it so happens that most butt exercises are also leg or “thigh” exercises. In fact, I believe the best butt exercises are leg exercises. Instead of repeating the same exercises from the previous article, I’ll let you refer to my article on 5 Best Exercises for Thighs.


There is a pretty good program called the Brazil Butt Lift program. I haven’t had a chance to review it yet, but consumer reviews are very positive. And, it’s part of the Beach Body line, so it’s probably good. I’ll do a review soon. In the mean time, you can check it out by clicking on this banner.

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Mike Caton