5 Best Exercises for Thighs

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Before I get into the 5 Best Exercises for Thighs, I need to emphasize that if what you really want is leaner legs, these exercises will help accomplish that, but you need to make sure you’re doing the exercises as a part of a well-rounded exercise program that emphasizes fat loss and/or weight loss. Let’s be honest, the world’s best exercises for thighs can make your thigh muscles look good, but won’t help them look much better if there is too much fat on them.
Another thing to keep in mind is that the best exercises for thighs work the entire leg including the glutes (butt muscles). None of the best exercises isolate only the thigh muscles. Isolating exercises i.e. Leg extensions, leg lifts, etc. aren’t the best. They are far inferior to functional movements in every way and some can be harmful to your knees. That being said, if when reading this list, you think of one of these exercises as a butt exercise, you’re right. It works that, too. BTW, check out Best Butt Exercises, too. Also check out the List of Exercises for others you might like.