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A List of options of activities for exercise

image of ladies in aerobics class

Aerobics Classes

One option for activities for exercise is Aerobics classes. I wish there was an easy way to describe what this actually means. It’s difficult because there are lots of types of classes that fall into the category of aerobics classes. And, ironically, many of them are not even aerobic. I’ll break this answer into two …

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young woman on an elliptical trainer

Elliptical Training

Elliptical┬áTraining is a great option as an activity for exercise. It has lots of benefits and very little, if any negative. This a very uncommon for an exercise. What is Elliptical Training Elliptical training is exercise performed on a device called an elliptical trainer. They are called this because their pedals move in an elliptical …

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image of man on mountain bike


Cycling is a wonderful way to get in shape and stay in shape. It can be effective for any age level and fitness level. Cycling can also be done indoors and out. It is one of the best activities for exercise. Benefits of Cycling Cycling is a great way to exercise your cardiovascular system. Meaning, …

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