Exercises for Love Handles

Exercises for Love Handles

So, you want to do some exercises to lose your love handles? I hate to break it to you, but there are no exercises specifically for love handles. Anyone that tells you otherwise is either wrong or lying. Doing exercises that target a specific area in order to lose the fat there does not work.  . In this video I’ll set you straight and tell you the real way to lose that fat on your waist and even give you a program to lose body fat that actually works!

I’ve been coaching and training people for 35 years. While there are lot’s of good trainers out there, there are too many that are giving bogus information.  It amazes me that there are still products being sold claiming to reduce love handles. It amazes me even more to see trainers touting exercises for this. It’s shameful. That concept is called spot reduction and it doesn’t work. Let me explain how it works:

Love Handles 101

We all create and deposit fat if we eat more fuel than we need. Genetics determine where we deposit that fat. Some of us deposit it on our waists. The way to lose fat is to use more energy than we eat. This way, our bodies are forced to use the stored fat for fuel and out fat deposits get smaller. You can’t target a specific part of your body to do exercises for it in order to lose the fat that’s deposited there. To make it worse, some people simply have a predisposition to having fat stored in specific areas and may never lose their love handles.


Don’t take this information to suggest that you should under eat in order to do this quickly. Drastic or chronic calorie reduction will lead to many health problems and ultimately making it harder for your body to lose fat.

How to Burn More Fuel (Fat)?

So, how do people get leaner and lose their love handles. Burning more fuel than they eat…sometimes. I’ll keep this basic:

  • Regular Exercise: For this goal, exercising daily is much better than not. Daily exercise keeps your metabolism high which leads to greater fat loss.
  • Full body Exercises are Best: Performing full body exercises, like squats, pull ups, push ups, burpees, etc. are much better than exercises that isolate body parts. This means standing is better than seating, free weights are better than machines, etc.
  • HIIT: High intensity interval training (HIIT) is superior to long, steady workouts because they elevate your metabolism further and burn calories long after the workout is done. This means circuit training or repeated sprints are better than walking or cycling even if the workout is shorter.
  • Eat Strategically: Proper eating to burn fat is at least as important as the workouts. This topic is beyond the scope of this video, but in general, try to avoid or minimize processed foods, sugar, and dairy.

FREE 4 Fat Burning Workout

I’m creating a workout program that is designed to burn body and get rid of your love handles. Send me a note if you’d be interested in getting it and I’ll notify you once I’m ready. Expected to be finished by 10/2021. In the meantime, I’m always available for online training