image of a woman's tummy

How to Reduce Tummy

image of a woman's tummyTo know how to reduce tummy, there are two things you need to learn. This article will discuss those items and also discuss two misconceptions people have about reducing their tummy.

What WILL Help to Reduce Tummy

In order to get a flatter tummy, you must eat properly. By this, I mean eat a sensible diet that is not too high in calories, it is low in fat, and has a proper balance of carbohydrates and proteins. For more information on this, I would suggest you read Weight Loss Tips for Women.

image of group doing circuit training exercisesThe other component that needs to be addressed is exercise. Your exercise routine needs to help you:

  • burn calories
  • elevate your metabolism.

In order to do this, you need to perform exercises that use a lot of muscle and also have high enough intensity to bring about change. I have already written about this in these articles:

These will steer you in the right direction.

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What WONT Help to Reduce Tummy

Russian-twistContrary to some magazines and web sites, you will not reduce your tummy by only doing tummy exercises. These will strengthen your tummy muscles, but not reduce your tummy. Click to see the 5 Best Tummy Exercises. Tummy exercises are great, but if your really want to reduce your stomach, you need to be doing a balanced exercise program. These weight loss exercise routines will help, but you might also want a packaged exercise routine. If so, check out the best exercise programs.

Mike Caton