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Lower Back Fat

lower back fat imageAnother question often asked by exercisers is, How do I get rid of lower back fat?”. Well, the answer is the same as how to get rid of fat anywhere else on your body. See, unfortunately, we can’t decide where fat is going to be deposited or where it will come off. Our genetics decide that. And, despite what any website, magazine, or so-called expert tells you, targeting a body part for exercise will not make it smaller or firmer. Meaning, you can’t do lower back exercises to lose low back fat and you can’t do abdominal exercises to get a flatter stomach. We all wish it were that easy. Read more about this at

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How do I lose lower back fat? 

To lose fat in your lower back as well as any place on your body, you have to do these things:

  • Eat a healthy diet that is less calories than you spend during the course of the day including exercise.
  • Exercise regularly to burn calories and elevate your metabolism.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • cut back on as much sugar, fat, and processed foods as possible and substitute it with whole, natural foods.

Why do other sources say differently?

It drives me crazy how people, especially magazines, try to hook you with promises of tighter tummies and smaller butts. They all do it because they want to sell you something. Whether it’s a supplement, book, or to get you to keep coming back, it’s something. Don’t buy it!

Mike Caton