Running Arms

There’s probably a real name for this exercise somewhere, but I always call it running arms. I call it this because the arms simulate the running motion when doing the exercise. Benefits I like this exercise because it is very functional. It uses the shoulder muscle in the way that they are intended to be …

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dumbbell front raise

Dumbbell Front Raises

The dumbbell front raise is a good exercise for the shoulders, and surprisingly. the low back. It can target both the front and/or side delt depending on how the wrist is rotated. Benefits It’s easy and effective at targeting the shoulder muscles. It’s also a good exercise for strengthening the lower back because those muscles …

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Woman performing a lateral raise

Dumbbell Side Raise

The dumbbell side lateral raise is a good, but not very functional exercise. It’s good to isolate specific areas of your shoulder. But, as you know, I generally prefer functional exercises over not. Benefits It’s easy and effective at targeting one of the specific shoulder muscles.   Body Parts Used Main focus is on the …

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dumbbell upright row

Dumbbell Upright Row

The dumbbell upright row is a very effective and even functional exercise. Upright row exercises tend to have a risk of shoulder injury (impingement), but I teach a variation that helps. See below. Benefits Strengthens and develops the upper body pulling muscles, especially the back of the shoulder and the trapezoids. Because it’s done standing …

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