5 Best Exercises for Golf

image article 5 best exercises for golf articleMy 5 best exercises for golf list is most likely different than what you might expect.  You’ll probably be surprised that it doesn’t contain any that mimic the golf swing.  My personal preference as a strength and conditioning specialist is to focus on gross motor movements making the body as strong and powerful as possible. I generally don’t like to mess with a golfers swing by loading it with resistance for fear of disturbing the neuropathways thus ruining the swing. I take the same approach with other fine motor skill sports such as baseball hitting and basketball shooting, etc. I respectfully acknowledge that other fitness professionals might have a different philosophy. I am not one to think there is only one way to train the human body.

And, as I mention in all my articles, it’s important to have a good exercise program. Don’t just focus on one or two exercises as a solution. All body parts and aspects of fitness should be accommodated. I suggest consulting with a good fitness trainer to help you. It’s really much better than a book because a trainer can customize a plan just for you.

With that being said, here are my choices for the 5 best exercises for golf in no particular order:

1. Squat twistimage of squat twist for 5 best exercises for golf article

For this exercise, you simply squat down as normal. The difference is that when you come out of your squat, you rotate to one side so you finish the squat turned fully to that side. Return to the down position and then rise up rotating to the opposite side. This exercise increases the strength in all the important muscles of the legs, glutes and low back, but also starts to teach the hips and pelvis to rotate more powerfully.

2. Standing hip extensionsimage of standing hip extension for 5 best exercises for golf article

This is a modification of Good Mornings or Stiff-Leg Deadlifts (which I don’t endorse). Instead, while standing, bend the knees slightly and then displace the hips backward until your torso is at the position you would be for the golf swing. Add weights to your hands for more resistance.

3. Russian Twistimage of russian twist for 5 best exercises for golf article

This is taken from GolfGym. Coach Joey D. has put together a very solid strength program for golfers. You can check it out here.

4. TRXWindmillimage of TRX windmill for 5 best exercises for golf article

This is part of the TRX Golf Program. TRX has an entire series of exercises for golf. To be honest, this is just one of them that are outstanding exercises. If you’ve read any of my other articles, you know I’m a fan of TRX because of the ease of performing functional exercises while using gravity for resistance. It’s also small and compact for home exercising.

5. Backswing Lungeimage of backswing lunge for 5 best exercises for golf article

This is taken from Mike Pederson’s Power Golf Training. Mike is masterful at understanding kinesiology of the golf swing. He explains that tight hamstrings and glutes can inhibit the golf swing decreasing power and distance.

Again, doing these exercises alone is not enough. You should make these part of a good exercise program. I’d also suggest reading my article, 5 Best Exercises for Fitness.

I hope this helps at least point you in the right directions for improving your golf game. As always, I welcome your feedback.