image of man performing dumbbell triceps extensions

Dumbbell Triceps Extensions

Dumbbell Triceps Extensions

Dumbbell triceps extensions, or laying triceps extensions are a very safe and effective exercise for the triceps muscle groups. They are a favored triceps exercise because they don’t put the shoulder in an unsafe position like some triceps exercises do, for example standing overhead triceps extensions. In addition to this exercise, you can see more at List of Exercises by Body Part. Remember, an exercise is only as good as the workout program it is part of. Make sure you check out Best Exercises Programs.


  • Lie with your back on a bench or exercise ball
  • Hold the weights straight up from your shoulders
  • Inhale as you slowly lower the weights to the side of your head.
  • Exhale as you slowly raise the weights until just before full extension of the elbows .
  • Repeat for the desired amount of repetitions or until fatigued

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