Les Mills PUMP Review

The Overview

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In their own words, Les Mills PUMP is a fat burning, muscle building, resistance training program. They also claim to be the fastest way to achieve these goals. Their secret is with their patented “Rep Effect”. The Rep Effect is achieved by burning more calories through high repetition, high intensity muscle training.


The Good

To be honest, I kept hearing the phrase Les Mills Body PUMP “Rep Effect”, but no one was really saying what it was. Like so many other gimmicky products out there, they didn’t explain why it worked. But, I did some digging, and to my surprise, actually found published research here. If you’d prefer the summary, click here. I’ve got to say; just the fact that Les Mills did this deserves credit and puts his program in an elite class.

The research claims in a nutshell that lifting with weights light enough to perform very high reps (like 100) burns more calories and increases your metabolism more than traditional weight lifting and most other exercise types. The claim is that you will burn 1000 calories in an hour of exercise. That is pretty high. Their claim is not totally accurate; cross country skiing performed at an equal intensity as Body PUMP burns more. But, how many of us cross country ski?

Another surprising difference of the Les Mills Body PUMP is that is based on exercising only three days per week. Although many might find that a plus, I’d suggest you do other activities on the other days as enough good research shows that it’s the frequency of exercise that most impacts weight loss, rather than time per day.

The Bad

It’s not a bad program, so I don’t have much to say along those lines. But, their equipment is suspect. Unless they have changed their methods, the weights that are sent to you are not the same quality as those shown in their videos and marketing. You may have to use your own or see if the program can be purchased without the weights.


When combining the research with rabid user testimony, it’s hard to argue against this program. To be honest, there’s nothing magical about how the body loses fat: Burn slightly more calories than you ingest. This Les Mills Body PUMP program just found a more efficient way to do it than other than other exercise programs.

If you’re interested in this program, click this link:

Les Mills PUMP – Work out just 3 DAYS A WEEK

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