Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp Review

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Power 90 is a comprehensive program that includes strength, cardio, flexibility, nutrition, and tracking for motivation. This is the less expensive and less intense version to trainer Tony Horton’s hugely popular P90X program. It is a two disk set each with two workouts.  The workouts are moderate in length and alternate days between strength training and cardio.
The Good

It is a very good program for beginners or those getting back into fitness and not quite ready for the more intense programs. The program does though, offer two levels of difficulty.

Like Tony Horton’s other programs, this is a good quality production. Additionally, Tony’s personality and humor is appreciated by most exercisers.

Power 90 has a good combination of cardio, strength training, and core exercises.

Minimal equipment is required

Workouts are shorter than most. They range from 29-42 minutes.

The Bad

While some consider the streamlined variety of workouts easier to conquer (The program basically breaks down into three workouts: Cardio, “Sculpt” (bands or weight training), and an abs program), others see them as monotonous. This really comes down to preference: This product is marketed as an intro to tougher workouts. The person wanting more workouts is probably ready for a more advanced product.

Some moves can be tough on the knees and may have to be modified. Pay attention to the modifications that are demonstrated.


Overall, this is a high quality program that is effective as a starting point for someone wanting to get in shape, lose weight, and get leaner. It’s a no-brainer for a recommendation.
If you’re interested in this program, click on this link:

Power90 Boot Camp - Total Body Transformation

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