RushFit Review

image for review of RushFit exercise programRushFit is a comprehensive, full-body training program created by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion George St. Pierre (GSP) AKA Rush and his trainer, Erik Owings. The pair tag-team the instruction with a definite emphasis on MMA moves.

The Good

The RushFit program is very well-produced. It comes with three levels of intensity to accommodate most fitness levels. It also has a lot of variety to keep workouts interesting. Most people agree that it’s shorter, 45 minute workouts are a plus.  George is very likable and energetic. GSP RushFit also comes with a nutrition plan.


The Bad

There’s honestly not a lot wrong with this program. I will say that the dynamic movements might be risky for 40+ exercisers, especially if out of shape. Also, MMA is not for everyone. You may not be interested in their particular style. It should also be noted that many viewers complain about Erik’s lack of personality, and no-nonsense approach. But, everyone agrees that he’s very knowledgeable and a good teacher. And who knows, maybe GSP needs a stern coach. You never know.



Overall, GSP RushFit is a good, fun, and exhausting workout. It’s always listed as a favorite among exercisers.

If you’re interested in this program, click on this link

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